Sunday, March 22, 2015

Savor this moment...

So this past Friday I had the lucky opportunity to walk home from school with Theo who is now an eleven year old 'tween'.  Being a tween means that he is incredibly loving one moment and incredibly upset with me the next.  love. hate. love. hate.  He's so conflicted.  But on Friday it was all love.  His entire sixth grade class was being rewarded for completing the god-awful state mandated testing by being bussed to a local movie theater and being treated to a movie.  Which is a really nice idea for most kids I guess.  But not Theo.  He HATES the movie theater, it makes him sick.  He really doesn't like to watch movies either.  So, I walked over with the dogs and picked him up and we walked home together.  And it was a wonderful moment in time.  We talked about nothing and everything and admired the melting snow and the rising creek and the muddy joyful dogs.  Theo was bubbling over with happiness about being out of school at noon.  Of being done with testing.  Of having me all to himself for a few moments. It was beautiful.  It was good.  It was nice.  And about halfway through our walk I thought, "Savor this moment"  "Savor this moment because moments like these are slipping away."  "Savor your time with him."  And I did.
Theo serving cake to Auntie Winnie

Slam Dunk!

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