Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Best Thing About A Vacation

There is nothing better than a road trip.  I love to travel, explore new places, get back to nature, share the world with my kids and get away from everyday life.  I love the weeks of scouring maps (I LOVE maps) and deciding routes and investigating places to see, and figuring out where to camp and what might be fun to do along the way.  I even love the trip packing and getting the car decked out for a road trip and packing the cooler and checking the camp kitchen to see what needs to be fortified and added.  But, the very best thing about a road trip is that the second we get into the car and buckle the seat belts, my kids are on the same team.  The bickering and nagging is replaced by teamwork and cooperation and interactions that come from a cooperative stand-point rather than a competitive one.  It usually lasts for the whole trip and disappears the second we walk through our front door upon return.  I wish I could harness this cooperation.

I love it when my kids are on the same team....  Does that happen to any other families?

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